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Lao bao-Hue, Vietnam

21 Dec 2009 - 21 Dec 2009
Lao bao-Hue, Vietnam Lao bao-Hue, Vietnam Lao bao-Hue, Vietnam Lao bao-Hue, Vietnam

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This trip was started from Bangkok to Mukdaharn province (Thailand) by car, we arrived to Mukdaharn quite lately night and it was the same time which Mookdaharn province has the 'Kachad' festival so we went to have some dinner there and make a little observation.

Early morning we went to the ministry of transportation in Mookdaharn to register for the new vehicle passport(the vehicle passport is just only 1 year age) then we went have some breakfast beside the Kong river near to Indo-China market then we pass the Thai-Laos friendship bridge II to Laos by our own vehicle. Immediately we reached to the Laos we didn't spend any time there we direct through the road number 9 to the Vietnam border. In Laos there drive in opposite side of Thai so we should have the great navigator whom would help the driver. Within 3 hours (about 250km) we reached to Laos-Vietnam border called 'Laobao'. As every time we never plan anything even we did not know that this border would let us passed by the own vehicle or not, and we just know that they not let us pass with our vehicle, it cause us had to leave the vehicle at the border(Laos side) an walked through the border to Vietnam. We walked through the border and it already night time and cold so we had to find for the hotel or some guest house there, then we found one we went out again for local dinner (not much well in the border city) also had some tea then went back for planning the next day then sleep.

We are going to Hue city by local van (very tightly) it took about 3 hours (~250km) to Hue with exhausted then we find some nice hotel name 'Duy Tan' it's the 4 stars hotel. We immediately showering and went out for the big meal of lunch 'Stop and Go restaurant' the taste was so nice (it may cause we were starving) but it was honestly taste well because after that we went here again many meals. We book for the river cruise ticket on 8 PM and rent the motorcycle of the restaurant owner and drove around the city with a map, as many one known that motorcycle in Hue city is not easy to drive because it was a lot, but at the started we felt like that, but we had to practice, then we can ride it better and better (but some one said in Ho-Chi-Min was a lot more harder) we ride a lot until the evening and we back to dinner at the same place again, return the motorcycle and go for river cruise.

The river cruise was Wow with the great atmosphere and the traditional live music and dance even some of the music instrument was strange but the voice of it was so unique. Most of the music, dress and culture from my sight was all like Chinese. The boat cruise took about 1.30 hour but we wouldn't see the nature along beside the river because to boat was closed by the roof and windows so we just able to attend just only the show. In my idea it's not enjoy a lot for the relax but if you want to know the culture you must! We walked near the pier for a while for relax, but actually there was nothing, then we walked back to the hotel then observe for a while via Internet, plan for the next day then sleep.

We woke up early and had the breakfast from the hotel, then we went down for rent to motorcycle in front of the hotel, we attend that we will travel around the Hue for today, collect for the tourist spot, bought the solvenior and resting. Firstly we went to the Hue palace we walked inside just observe around took about 2 hours then we went out for breakfast beside the perfume river, we try to order the great food, everything was nice but the grilled shrimp there it was weird :S

Noon time of that they we was ride the motorcycle around the city and we ride a little bit out of town to the most famous pagoda called '_______' over there was very peaceful, located on top of the small hill, at the back of this pagoda there is the park which very silent and great to relax at the evening.

We went to the market at the center of the city and we surveyed for the solvenier, we bought some to friends and cousin then we back to hotel, return the motorcycle. and had the dinner opposite the hotel.




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